The Laundryman

The Laundryman

Even though we live in the city my wife and I use an Amish hand washer to wash our clothes because we want to make doing laundry as green as possible. Not using gas or electricity means no gas fracking or coal mining is required. We dry our clothes in the sun and re-use the greywater in our garden. It’s a bit of extra work but not everything’s supposed to be easy.” ā€• Keith Kocsis

This Week’s Photography Challenge: Channel Another Artist

For this week’s “Channel Another Artist” challenge I chose to draw from the work of my favorite photographer, Bill Owens. He photographs everyday people who are different in some interesting way, and he often adds a quote from his subject about the photo’s content.

10 thoughts

  1. This is way cool. Reminds me of visiting my great grandmother and helping her with the laudry – big tubs, washboard, water heating on the woodstove, using a mangle and then putting through the rollers. It was hard work but it felt worth it. Thanks for following my blog I ope you will feel welcome and visit often. It’s a mishmash but I have fun.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, Kanzen! Wow, it sounds like your great gran really had it going on in the laundry department. You can learn so much by taking a look at how things were done in the past. We’ve never used a mangle, in fact I had to look up what exactly that is. So interesting, it looks like mangles were used for wringing AND pressing clothes, nice!:

  3. The old ways really are wonderful. I loved going to her farm – milking cows, riding horses, churning butter, cooking – on a woodstove! Goodness knows, I love my technology but I am so glad I learned how to do things without it. Right now I am making peach jam and when it is cold outside, that jam is going to add some sunny to some mornings. I admire that you and your husband are doing things that are green and a bit old school. It is harder, but I think it is worth it. Good on you!

  4. Wowie, thank you THE BILL OWENS for commenting on my snap! I am honestly honored and thrilled by your comment. Good eye as always Bill, but Keith is still in the agitating phase of the laundry in this shot. Here, the laundry fun has only begun. šŸ˜‰ I do have some shots of him wringing out the clothes but by that point he looked a little “cranky”, ha ha!

  5. Wow, it sounds like you had some really enriching and enjoyable times with your great grandmother, Kanzen. I agree with you that the thoughtful use of technology combined with traditional methods is the way to go. Your peach jam sounds delicious. Good for you for making your own foodstuffs. It is my belief that not enough people are doing that these days and I feel that they are missing out on some good, nutritious food and a lot of fun!

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