Time Traveler

Time Traveler

The streets presented a weird appearance, mother and children in their nightgowns, men in pajamas and dinner coats, women scantily dressed with evening wraps hastily thrown over them. Many ludicrous sights met the eye: an old lady carrying a large bird cage with four kittens inside, while the original occupant, the parrot, perched on her hand; a man tenderly holding a pot of calla lilies, muttering to himself; a scrub woman, in one hand a new broom and in the other a large black hat with ostrich plumes; a man in an old–fashioned nightshirt and swallow tails… But there was no hysteria, no signs of real terror or despair.” — Arnold Genthe

Photography Challenge: Place Yourself in a Historical Photograph (The Zelig Effect)

I live in San Francisco California, the land of earthquakes. We’ve had a couple of pretty big quakes here recently so I thought I’d take a trip back in time to San Francisco circa 1906 for this project, in remembrance of the 1906 earthquake.

For my background photo I decided to use an incredible public domain shot of Sacramento Street after the ’06 quake by photographer Arnold Genthe (see his quote above).

For my personal photo, I dressed up in old-fashioned clothes and a parasol and took a photograph of myself to use specifically with the Genthe image. I posed so that I could lean against the lamppost in Genthe’s shot. I had to make myself pretty tiny to match the sizes of the other people in the background.

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