I say a murder is abstract. You pull the trigger and after that you do not understand anything that happens.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre

Photography Challenge: Break A Lighting Rule

For this project I decided to light my subject from below. This practice is generally frowned upon, but I thought it might lend a spooky noir effect to this photograph.

7 thoughts

  1. Wow, well done! The lighting, the smoking gun, so sinister-looking. Keith looks like Clyde. And Bonnie behind-the-camera.

  2. You would be a great Bonnie Parker in her signature/classic pics. But with your own gun, a beret and a cigar. Keep up the with your creative photography, Your talent is beyond great!

  3. Ha ha, Roger I think you’ve just conceived of my next photo shoot! 😉 Now I just need to get myself a good cigar. Thank you for your much-appreciated support my dear friend! XO

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