Bury Me Beneath The Apple Tree

Bury Me Beneath The Apple Tree

“I got the sexton, who was digging Linton’s grave, to remove the earth off her coffin lid, and I opened it. I thought, once, I would have stayed there, when I saw her face again—it is hers yet—he had hard work to stir me; but he said it would change, if the air blew on it…” — Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Photography Challenge: Use An Incorrect White Balance Setting

I shot this cemetery scene using Tungsten instead of Daylight white balance even though I was shooting in broad daylight because I wanted the blue nature of a Tungsten white balance to cool this image down and lend it an eerie sensibility.

I took this photograph at the Mission Dolores cemetery in San Francisco, and I was so excited to see that they had a fruiting apple tree there. This photo is an homage to one of my favorite Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Juniper Tree.

4 thoughts

  1. You continue to stun me with your amazing creative mind. All of your life I have been in awe of you. Thank you for another piece of evidence that you are a creative genius.

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