Tutti Frutti


“Pleasure only starts once the worm has got into the fruit, to become delightful happiness must be tainted with poison.” ―  Georges Bataille

Photography Challenge: Be Surreal

For this project I took macro photographs of my mouth and a strawberry. Then I composited the strawberry photo on top of my tongue in the mouth image and reduced it’s opacity so the texture and some of the details of the tongue would show through. I then painted my lips green in Photoshop to mirror a strawberry plant’s green foliage. Finally, I made my facial skin white and added a surrealistic vignette.

7 thoughts

  1. Quite creative and expressive! Who doesn’t Love Strawberries and Green Lips! Got to have some Frutti in the Tutti!
    All I know is after seeing this I’ve got to find me some Strawberries just like that!

  2. Hi Lucy, and you are of course welcome, you’re a serious good person and great artist; so I always admire and appreciate those gifts from God, being expressed so well!
    I’m not in the happiest of moods with the stuff happening and how I get so caught up in it, not good for me, but, I figure I must speak my true heart and mind like an artist but one that is willing to be a warrior for God and Goodness! Hey the worst that can happen is I die, so not to worry it’s just a bit uncomfortable to go through it all.
    You keep doing like you do; making some healthy inspirations for others! It helped to make my day, seeing your work so far, and I will look much more often!
    See you later!
    Thank you!

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