“I’ve got two bikes that get me everywhere I need to go. And public transportation.” ― Julia Butterfly Hill

Photography Challenge: Turn a Scene Into a Photo Planet (Part 2)

I had so much fun with last week’s challenge that I decided to try it again!

This time around I photographed a stack of old San Francisco MUNI bus Fast Passes that I’ve held onto for years because I just love their colors and patterns.

This challenge required the application and fine-tuning of the Polar Coordinates Photoshop filter to make a regular image spherical.

Instead of turning a landscape into a photo planet with this technique as photographers generally do I wanted to play with repeating patterns for a more kaleidoscopic effect.

I also made some additional adjustments to give the photo the style I was looking for.

Here is the original photo that I worked from:

Chronology of a Bus Passenger

5 thoughts

  1. I love this new version, how it goes bake in time with each circle, the endless rides on Muni! Pretty and dizzy….

  2. That’s a lot of Muni passes over-the-years! But done beautifully! Wonderful design style and colorful. Like a kaleidoscope. Or looking down into or up at the rabbit hole Alice went into. There’s only one Fast Pass that’s different. A “D” instead of an “A”. I can’t remember why different. Keep up on your creative talents Linda Sue!

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