Potions of Magic and Love to Save Us

Potions of Magic and Love to Save Us

“I have no definite talent or trade, and how I stay alive is largely a matter of magic.” ― Charles Bukowski

Photography Challenge: Conjure Up a Colorful and Cool Still Life

I wanted this photo to have a soft and dreamy quality, so I back-lit some vintage bottles and candles and placed a piece of sheer white fabric between the subject and the camera. This lit up the bottles and softened their edges. Then I “filled” the bottles with potions via collage in Photoshop.

2 thoughts

  1. Creative and well-done with the special effects. I love the vintage bottles, the unique potions and the colors. The left one is like “Time in a Bottle”, that Jim Croce song. Or Jeannie/Genie in a bottle.

  2. Ha ha, I remember that song! What an old tearjerker. 😉 Speaking of time, infinite thanks to you my friend for all of your kind words and support, Roger.

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