Remember Me

Remember Me“We die only once, and for such a long time.” ― Moliere

Photography Challenge: Shoot Low for Stunning Landscapes

I just couldn’t resist my naturally morbid inclinations here, even for a landscape shot.

For this photograph I visited my local cemetery and lay upon the ground to capture this old tombstone.

I’ve always loved mournful epitaphs, so I replaced the stone’s text with my own in Photoshop.

I also turned my photo into a green and blue duo-tone with a misty purple background for added spookiness.

Here’s the original photograph that I took and worked from:


2 thoughts

  1. Well done at the ground eye level with the tombstones/landscapes in the background. And your Photoshop skills with the text with foreground/background and color effects. An appropriate quote on a tombstone. A wonderful project as we approach Halloween.

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