Video & Motion Graphics

Personal Work

To & Fro: My previous, exhilarating, three mile daily bicycle commute to and from San Francisco’s Financial District, filmed using an HD video camera mounted on my helmet with a fish-eye lens at 5X actual speed. I filmed, edited, and starred in this video.
tebahplA: Ever since I was a child I’ve practiced speaking backwards phonetically in my head. I wanted to put my backwards-speak to the test by filming myself reciting the alphabet backwards phonetically and then reversing the video clip, and here are the results. You can hear my cat Minerva in the background. This was filmed using an HD video camera. I filmed, edited, and starred in this video.

Commissioned Work

Ethics Risks & Trends: I worked on a team with two others as a designer and developer on this ethics training video project for ELT, Inc. I selected and added stock images and videos, added and edited text, timing, effects, and audio, and compressed the finished video into the client’s required dimensions and file formats. This video was created using Adobe After Effects, Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Photoshop, and Compressor.

Workplace Training Videos: I worked as lead video editor on the character video clips shown in the screen captures below for Navex Global (formerly ELT, Inc.). To create the videos, I imported the raw video footage into Final Cut Pro timelines, adjusted the colors, lighting and audio, replaced the backgrounds by chroma keying, edited the in and out points, added fades and music, and compressed the clips per the client’s requirements. I created the videos using Final Cut Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Server, and Compressor.


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