“Life’s the same I’m moving in stereo,
life’s the same except for my shoes, life’s the same you’re shakin’ like tremolo, life’s the same it’s all inside you.” ― The Cars, Moving in Stereo lyrics

This is a composite I created from a photograph that I took of the “Stereo” marquis above the Fred’s Sound of Music store in Portland, Oregon, which has been serving your stereo needs since 1948. I added a sunset gradient and shooting star to my original photograph.

5 thoughts

  1. Looking at the falling star it struck me that this is a perfect icon for the many stars in the record store. They should use this as the company banner on bags and postcards. The whole piece has a since of magic, like a moment in time and fantasy all at once!

  2. Another wonderful and creative project! Your composite with the starry night sky, shooting star and color transition (and touch-ups) really gave a different life to the original pic. A classic marquis, added with your personal touch, makes this true photo art!

  3. Roger you should be an art critic, you have such fantastic insights and a knack for description! Many thanks to you as always, dear friend, for your support of my little projects.

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