“Space is the breath of art.” ― Frank Lloyd Wright

Photography Challenge: Create a Color Infrared Picture

The Marin County Civic Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1957, is one of my favorite buildings. It is a space-aged marvel of post-modern architecture, spreading across and blending into Marin’s rolling hills like a cathedral from another place and time.

I chose this setting as my subject because I wanted my photo to have a really otherworldly feel. The landscape’s swathes of green foliage (turned fuchsia through the infrared process) and the massive, cloud-scattered blue sky were exactly what I was looking for, and what better centerpiece than the largest public project of one of the world’s greatest and most controversial architects.

A big thanks goes out to my friend architect Dick Hannigan for his expertise and inspiration!

Below are some other photographs that I captured of this incredible building.





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