Portland, Oregon Bridge Series 4: Morrison Bridge in the City of Roses


But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.” ― Anne Bronte

This photograph of the Morrison Bridge is the fourth in my series on Portland, Oregon’s (aka “the City of Roses”) many bridges. I plan to photograph each bridge in a different style.

I hoped that using a blue and gray duo-tone technique would help to exaggerate the Morrison Bridge’s cold, steel lines. To this duo-tone (created from my original photograph of the bridge) I added a macro shot that I took of a rose, some vintage rose fabric that I scanned, and a photo that I took of some clouds.

I tinted each of these elements a rosy pink and layered and blended them into the bridge photograph for a more surreal look. I did this to add some softness and femininity to contrast with and balance the hardness and masculinity presented by the utilitarian Morrison Bridge.

Here are the original photographs that I took and worked from for this project:




2 thoughts

  1. Well done Linda! I didn’t know Portland was known as “the City of Roses.” Blending that theme with your Portland bridge series works! Your techniques and use of elements for effects captures your creativity. I always look forward to your projects!

  2. Hi Roger! Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments, dear friend! I just finished reading the Vanishing Portland and Bridges of Portland books you gave us and am now reading Theatres of Portland. They are all fantastic and I’ve learned so much, many thanks to you!

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